There are a few misguided judgments that cloud is less secure however actually your information is more anchored with the cloud.
What do you mean by cloud computing?
Cloud computing is the utilization of various services, such as software development platforms, servers, storage and software, over the internet, often referred to as the “cloud.” Following are the three regular distributed computing qualities:
1. The back-end of the application is managed by a cloud vendor.
2. A user pays for services used (memory, processing time and bandwidth, etc.).
3. Services are scalable.
The array of cloud computing services is vast, but majorly we can categorize them into 1) SaaS (software as a service) 2) IaaS (infrastructure as a service) 3) PaaS (platform as a service) 4) FaaS (functions as a service) 5) Private cloud 6) Hybrid cloud 7) iPaaS (integration platform as a service) 8) IDaaS (identity as a service)
We are near to having 20 percent of our enterprise workloads in the cloud and the world has not collapsed around us—despite such predictions even just three years ago and one such big fear was over security. Cloud Service providers are investing substantially in security nowadays which has gone up to 75% of its R&D dollars. And as more and more innovation and improvements are flowing into the cloud side of technology, it also means that security in general for all platforms has improved. The use of AI with security, which is mostly driven by the cloud, has given cloud security an upper hand in finding and eliminating vulnerabilities—and getting automatically smarter while doing it. These “savvy” security frameworks are continually learning, and even sharing knowledge between security systems in near real time. While nothing is 100 percent secure, these frameworks will get you quite close. Cloud suppliers have pushed down security costs. The on-request show advanced by open cloud suppliers is quite often less expensive than conventional endeavor programming licenses.
Who would have thought that? – Bottom line is that the cloud that was supposed to make your data more vulnerable has actually made data more secure, and likely to be even more secure in the near future with new and improved advancements in technology.

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