Aadhaar Data Vault is a unique system where all Aadhaar Numbers and any connected Aadhaar data are stored on a separate secured database/vault. Reference Key is used in this concept which helps us to store or map the tables requiring storage of Aadhaar Numbers for businesses instead of using the actual Aadhaar Number. Its key features include –
1) DSM (Data Security Manager) – It centrally manages the keys and the policies accelerating the time to value with unified control.
2) Tokenization – Each Aadhaar number is referred to an additional “reference key” whose mapping is maintained in the system ensuring that the Aadhaar number can neither be guessed nor reverse engineered.
3) HSM Protected Key – Keys for encryption are stored in the HSM devices for the sole purpose of securing the data vault system providing encryption and controlled access to authorized systems.

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  1. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Amazing experience with your solution. securing our data with data vault is new era in banking sector.

    Kudos to the team

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