CoreOps ASA-AUA Technology Stack

CoreOps ASA | AUA Technology Stack

Our robust and agile team, dedicated towards the Aadhaar ecosystem, helps to roll out our services for you at a very low TTM and high efficiency & availability.

What is ASA?

ASAs are agencies that have established secured leased line connectivity with the CIDR compliant with UIDAI’s standards and specifications. ASAs offer their UIDAI-compliant network connectivity as a service to requesting entities (such as AUAs/KUAs) and transmit their authentication requests to CIDR.

What is AUA/KUA?

Authentication User Agency (AUA) is an entity engaged in providing Aadhaar Enabled Services to Aadhaar number Holder, using the authentication as facilitated by the Authentication Service Agency (ASA). An AUA may be government / public / private legal agency registered in India, that uses Aadhaar authentication services of UIDAI and sends authentication requests to enable its services / business functions.

Sub AUAs are agencies that use Aadhaar authentication to enable its services through an existing requesting entity.

The Workflow…

A requesting entity (such as AUA, KUA) connects to the CIDR through an ASA (either by becoming ASA on its own or by contracting services of an existing ASA).

How do we help?

We provide and manage end-to-end UIDAI compliant AUA/KUA Technology stack solutions for organisations to consume Aadhaar Authentication and E-KYC services for their customers.

Features of AUA/KUA Stack

Highly Configurable: Solution is designed to be highly configurable so that integration with any existing Customer Information Systems will be easy.

Compliance And Audit Ready: Solution is compliance and audit-ready as per the norms of UIDAI.

Secure In-house Server / On -Cloud: Server resides in the premises / on-cloud as per requirement and will communicate with the other systems through highly secure (SSL) channel, thereby making the data communications safe and secure.

Highly Scalable: The solution can be scaled in accordance with the growth of your business. The server instances can be increased or decreased based on business volume.