Document verification engine

Document verification engine

Want to get rid of identity fraud at your organization, institution or a simple workplace? CoreOps brings to you
a unique model that helps you verify all the documents submitted by your employees or
students accurately and promptly.

Document Verification software Features

Document Verification Process

Document Verification software: A hassle free way to checking identity documents. Its help in optimize your customer acquisition processes through online channels and reduce identity fraud. In order to verify the applicant’s identity online/offline, “Document Verification system” provide an ease to verify identity of an individual with respect to a documents.

Document Verification broadly classified in below mention

  1. Super Admin: It’s the heart of the software have below mention roles and responsibilities
    1. Master Management : SuperAdmin has to mange to build software blocks below mentions
      1. Create Departments
      2. Create Vendors
      3. Create Document Types
      4. Create Departments
      5. Create Verification Subjects
    2. Manage Mappers

      1. Manage Department mappers
      2. Manage Vendor mappers
      3. Manage Document types mappers
      4. Manage verification subject mappers
  2. Vendor: Software allow various departments (Constitutional bodies) a centralized hub to get there physical or digital data to be verified by respective departmental authority. Vendor enter respective data or entities to whom it want to be get verified digitally or physically by concern department. If the data digitally available then software provide an interface to verify data Digitally. If data is not available digitally then software allow vendor to pass respective information to respective authority and get it verified.
  3. Departmental User: “Document verification Software” provide a mode to various government departments authorities a centralized hub to verify/reject respective documents that has been send by various vendors for verification